fredag 29 juni 2012

ISTE 2012 - DeforestACTION

Konferensen avslutades med en "Key-note" föreläsning om DeforestACTION.

Dr. Willie Smits with Christopher Gauthier

A Time for Learning in Action

Wednesday, 2:45–4 pm
Exhibit Hall B1
Willie Smits
In 2010 a group of students and teachers from around the world began a collaborative project to combat one of the most urgent man-made global problems on the planet.
Leveraging the power of social networking, collaborative online tools, and new pedagogies, the collaboration was chartered with proving a model by which young people could demonstrate powerful 21st century skills by taking meaningful, powerful action. Now with hundreds of thousands of students across the planet, this project is changing lives and defining what learning could be.
In this session, world famous conservationist Dr. Willie Smits, and dynamic teacher Christopher Gauthier, share a truly inspiring, emotional and important story about human achievement colliding with real-world project-based learning in a time when young people have true voice in the future of the planet they will inherit.

Föreläsningen visade vilken potential det finns i det digitala lärandet för praktiska projekt inom hållbar utveckling och hur man kan arbeta kollaborativt globalt. 


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